Faith Schneider

Web Developer and Designer
screenshot of 3P Purchasing Systems website

3P Purchasing Systems Web Design and Development

The Development

The 3P website was built from scratch with simple HTML5 and CSS. It is optimized for speed and built flexibly so future modifications can be easily accommodated.


Mobile adjustments are currently in development.

The Design

My client requested a green style that evoked the feel of American money. I found inspiration for the color pallet when I saw a gum container, where the colors of the packaging featured a kaleidescope of green tones. I created a bold color pallet with a similar variety of tones and shades, using light greys to offset the intensity and a bright yellow as contrast.

My client did not wish to update the company logo, and thus I designed the site to compliment the style and shape of the existing image

I realized that the product was unique enough that the main challenge of the website would be to make the purpose of the product clear, as I had a difficult time understanding what the product did and how it worked. Therefore, I decided that the main feature of the website would be a 3-step process that explained how the product worked in very straightforward terms.