Faith Schneider

Web Developer and Designer
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About me

Faith Schneider - Web Developer and Designer

With 3 years of experience designing and developing websites, I strive to bring the best of modern web practices to every project. I have a balance of technicals skills, coding ability and design intuition, which allows me to build a website from the ground up with measurable results.

My tools


HTML5 is the new standard of HTML that gives code more meaning and potential functionality. I have a solid understanding of most HTML5 tags and use them in most web projects.


I have a complete understanding of CSS, including techniques for layout, understanding of browser compatibility/prefixing and the ability to use LESS or SASS.


I have been using with Photoshop for 8 years, and am comfortable with layout design, graphic design and image manipulation.


My experience with Illustrator includes pixel-perfect icon design, logo design and other forms of vector graphic design.


I am currently in the process of updating my JavaScript ability, My current abilities includes basic ability to understand and read code, create basic functions, and familiarity working alongside Javascript/JQuery.


I use git to version control my projects. I am familiar with using git effectively to build web applications in a team of multiple developers. I have an understanding of the raw command-line git but mainly use the Git GUI "GitKraken" to manage repositories.


I use Gulp.js as a baseline to manage my development process more easily. I use Gulp to compile, concatenate and minify css and scripts, and am always looking for new ways to use Gulp for a more efficient and faster workflow.

My Methods and Styles

Content-First design

By creating the content first, a website design will naturally accentuate the messages and goals of the website. Rather than using placeholder text, I create messages that drive users to conversion.

Mobile Design

I build every website using techniques that easily accommodate all devices.

User experience

I value user experience as a mandatory consideration in all web development. I do my best to involve users, work with feedback and learn ways of improving user experience.

Cross-Browser Support

I support all modern browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge (plus most mobile browsers). Rather than avoiding modern features due to browser support, I use "progressive enhancement" techniques that ensure content and functionality is always available but allowing for slight variations in visual appearance.


Ranking high on search engine results pages is often not as difficult as you might think, but it is a process that is tied in with every step of a websites creation from the ground up. I have a proven ability to improve a websites search engine ranking for target keywords by using a combination of web development best practices and enhanced web page content. I am also experienced with using and optimizing Google AdWords campaigns using similar techniques.

Flat 2.0

Flat design means avoiding gradients, shadows, and texture for a more clean, simple, modern, and "flat" style. Flat 2.0 is the term for less extreme flat design, taking advantage of a clean, modern style while retaining high usability. I use shadows, gradients or texture where they enhance the user experience, and avoid them where they are visually distracting.


Retina is the future of web displays - although it is not the standard yet, I am able to use techniques that cater to hi-density displays, while retaining consideration of load times and minimizing impact on users without. Check out this website on your retina device to see for yourself!