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Including sophisticated hardware locking and reverse engineering protection.

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Virtual Machine Protection

CrypKey SDK and INSTANT products now feature effective protection for virtual machines. VMProtect by CrypKey is a new and innovative way to protect applications and documents from illegal usage by virtual machine duplication. VMProtect reads real hardware data from the host machine to detect if a virtual machine is running. Because other data such as drive serial number and motherboard serial number are easily replicated in a virtual machine, checking only for this information means a virtual machine can bypass copy protection and licensing. With VMProtect able to detect the presence of a virtual machine, your applications and documents are safe from this loophole.

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Why Crypkey?

Trusted Products Since 1992

For over 20 years now, CrypKey has been providing software developers with software licensing tools and software copy protection for Windows applications. Over that time, our easy to implement SDK and our quick and easy Instant product have evolved into a comprehensive set of tools that can accommodate almost any business sales model. Over the years we have added complementary products to our offering to assist you in selling your software how you want to.

No Royalty Fees

When you purchase CrypKey you own the software. No Royalty Fees and modest pricing. Purchase CrypKey for each of your products and enjoy unlimited licensing. Each purchase even includes one free year of software maintenance.

Solutions that Meet Your Needs

We want our licensing and copy protection solutions to work for you. We are not just in the business of selling software. We want you to find a licensing solution that meets your needs. We will tell you up front if we are not a good fit and even give you recommended alternatives.

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