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Site Key Generator Library for Licence Management

About Site Key Generator Library

Software developer library to custom build a licensing interface

Site Key Generator Library provides the tools for you to develop a customized licensing process to fit your company.

Use Site Generator Library if you want to:

CrypKey SKGL benefits developers who need a solution for interfacing their software with a database or providing tighter distributor licensing control. Developers can create SKG applications with screens and functions to support individual business requirements. They can also build applications that can be merged into existing business solutions. For example, CrypKey SKGL can link the authorization process to an existing database application, such as a tool used to track customer information. CrypKey SKGL can also integrate license management into an existing e-commerce solution, which allows registered users to obtain a license via their web browser.

CrypKey charges a one-time fee per company for CrypKey SKGL which can be used for all CrypKey-protected products.