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Software Licensing and Software Copy Protection for Windows Applications

CrypKey Instant (32 bit applications)

Effortless software licensing and copy protection.

The easy-to-install and simple-to-operate software copy protection and licensing solution.

CrypKey Instant is a proven encryption tool that protects your software against illegal copying and unauthorized use. It's a software-based solution, which means customers who use your CrypKey-protected application do not require a hardware key (i.e., a dongle). CrypKey Instant protects your software in mere minutes; no new software code or changes to your source code are required. Once configured, CrypKey Instant's protection takes effect in less than 30 seconds!

The choice for effortless software protection and licensing.

Offering the same robust protection as CrypKey SDK (software developer kit), CrypKey Instant is the ideal choice for anyone who needs a quick and effortless software copy protection and licensing solution. CrypKey Instant differs from SDK only in its simplified and streamlined implementation. It seamlessly encrypts executable (EXE) and dynamic link library (DLL) files with CrypKey's proven copy-protection and licensing technologies.

Which CrypKey Instant is Right for You?

Network licensing not required? Use CrypKey Instant Lite version.

Product Support

Protect your investment in CrypKey by taking advantage of our flexible and comprehensive technical support. We maximize the options by offering three Annual Subscription support options: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

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