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Flexible Options for Software Licensing Activation

CrypKey - Software Activation Options

CrypKey offers a range of choices to activate and license your software in a way that meets your business requirements.

CASPER 24/7 Web Activation Server

- Online Web Activation - Ready to go - The Casper Web Activation Server is an off-the-shelf automated activation server that is ready to be used today. Purchase, Rent or Pay per Key.

Site Key Generator Library (SKGL)

- In-house customized licensing. Use our SKGL API to tailor automated licensing to your company.

Distributor Authorized Licensing (DAL)

– allow your resellers to license your software while maintaining control.


- for those who prefer a pre-licensed hardware based licensing solution or use in combination with above.

USB Multiburn Utility

- For quickly loading files and licenses onto multiple USB keys