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USB Keys as Dongle Alternative for Portable Software Protection and Licensing

About CrypKey USBKeys

For CrypKey Instant and CrypKey SDK customers, CrypKey USBKey is a “locked” flash drive software license management solution that offers an alternative to the standard “dongle-type” protection method. At a fraction of the cost of traditional dongles, CrypKey USBKey can hold both your software application and its license or simply the license.

Durable, simple, and economical software license protection.

It's a convenient solution for customers who frequently move software or data between computers. It's also a great tool for use with computers in unique circumstance that cannot easily use other software protection measures.

CrypKey USBKey can work in conjunction with CrypKey licensing whereby both CrypKey USBKey and either CrypKey Instant or CrypKey SDK are used to protect a software application. To date, CrypKey offers the only combination hardware and electronic license management solution.

CrypKey USBKey benefits users who:

It also benefits software developers who:

Licensing Options for CrypKey USBKeys are:

CrypKey USBKeys are:

CrypKey USBKeys are subject to minimum order quantities.

CrypKey USBKey Burner - Multiburn and Tools

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