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Software Protection Solution for Virtual Machine Duplication

CrypKey VMProtect

VMProtect is a way to protect your software from being copied from one PC to another PC using a virtual machine copy. Traditional software licensing locks the software license to computer hardware. Unfortunately, most of this information can be copied identically. VMProtect detects the underlying hardware and ensures the license is locked, even if a VM image is moved from one PC to another.

  1. What is VMProtect?

    VMProtect is an exciting new feature in CrypKey SDK and Instant that protects applications and documents from illegal usage by Virtual Machine duplication.

  2. Why is VMProtect important?

    Usage of Virtual Machines has grown exponentially in recent years, and copying a Virtual Machine is now as easy as copying a file. Most copy protection software detects illegal duplication by looking at various machine data such as drive serial number, motherboard serial number, etc. The problem is, when a Virtual Machine is duplicated – none of this information changes! Even with most forms of software copy protection in place, illegal software and document duplication has never been easier.

    VMProtect is a very significant innovation. It protects valuable applications and/or documents from illegal copying by Virtual Machine duplication.

  3. How does VMProtect work?

    VMProtect takes copy protection a huge step further – it gets machine specific information not just from the computer the software is on – if it is on a Virtual Machine, it gets machine-specific information from the host machine. If the entire Virtual Machine is copied to a different computer, VMProtect detects this, and illegal usage of the software is prevented.

  4. How can I add VMProtect to my software protection?

    Get CrypKey SDK or Instant V8 or later. The technology is automatically and invisibly deployed as part of CrypKey’s proprietary Intelligent Hardware Sensing (CIHS) technology.

  5. What if I have licenses already out in the world using previous versions of CrypKey?

    Update to CrypKey SDK or Instant V8 or later as soon as possible. CrypKey V8 will automatically add the VMProtect feature to existing licenses the first time it sees them – you are protected from Virtual Machine duplication from that moment on.