Faith Schneider

Web Developer and Designer
layout of WMNG application in multiple theme colors

Web Application Design and Development

The project

This project is a web-based application for the oil and gas industry. It is build with a variety of web technologies, including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JQuery, and using git (SourceTree), Visual Studio, LESS, Confluence and Jira in the development process

Themes and Styles Using LESS

I was responsible for managing the LESS code, such as layout elements and colors. I developed color themes, created button styles, and worked with flexbox elements. I worked with reusable components to maintain consistency across the application.

Icon Design

I designed icons with pixel-perfect rendering at sizes as small as 16X16px

Graphic Design

the Wellman NextGen logo reduced for tiny size in application

The original logo design was too detailed to work well in the tiny space available, so I designed a more precise version for use in the application.